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Start Right Here! Podcast

Apr 29, 2021

For Amber Makupson, founder of Meraki Organics, the creation of her line and entrepreneurship came due to her quest for a healthier lifestyle when she became pregnant with her daughter. That path led her to change her diet and look closely at what she was applying to her hair and skin. It also led Amber to enroll in a program to become an aesthetician.

Economic realities, however, caused her to be realistic about building a clientele full-time. Instead, she decided to keep her career in marketing as she built up her business. Amber's dual-path continued as she developed Meraki, a line of hair care products infused with crystals that work for all hair types. In fact, it was her full-time gig that helped her fund the line. She points out that often she has to defend her decision to continue to work, often because many people mistakenly believe that entrepreneurial success mirrors what they see on television.

The reality is different. Amber made and marketed the products from her home. But demand for her line continues to increase, with large orders and inventory that sold out quickly. This resulted in Amber finding a manufacturing partner that can scale up production as her business grows. 

Amber also shares how not seeing images that looked like herself caused her to create an inclusive line. How Ayurveda factors into her botanical ingredient choices and the purpose of her crystals in her product. Learn all that and more on this week's episode.