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Start Right Here! Podcast

Feb 18, 2022

In this bonus episode, I share some of the fantastic tips shared by my guests that can help the beauty career curious, those who want to make a pivot into the industry or within it, and some critical insights for those pursuing entrepreneurship.

Keren Davey, a Senior Brand Manager, Luxe and Clinical Skincare at Sephora, shares tips on breaking into the business, even if you haven't had an internship.

Jolorie Williams, the General Manager at Revlon, oversees Creme of Nature provides tips on navigating the corporate beauty environment. 

Trae Bodge, a savvy shopping expert with rots in beauty, shares advice on making a career pivot (she has done several).

Ginger King of Grace Kingdom Beauty enlightens us on roles in beauty STEM--cosmetic chemistry,  product development, and contract manufacturing.

For entrepreneurs, Kim van Dang, a former beauty director, and current serial entrepreneur, most recently launched Van Dang Fragrances, explains why you should follow your passion.

Chrissy Cabrera, the founder of Naturally London, advised us to go deep in a category instead of wide. 

Ginger King of Grace Kingdom Beauty shares the timeline you should keep in mind for creating a product line.

Kimberly Smith, the founder of Marjani Beauty and The Brown Beauty Experience, shares a word on pricing and the intangible skills needed to succeed.

And Meghan Young Gamble of Get Level Consulting advises us with critical tips to get your product on retail shelves. 

These tips are helpful no matter where you are in your career or business development.