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Start Right Here! Podcast

Apr 8, 2021

Dr. Edward Dickerson, founder of Fayetteville Plastic Surgery Specialists and Cape Fear Aesthetics is among a small group of  25 Black doctors who are double board-certified in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. On this episode, he shares how he journey on a path from Peekskill, NY, where he grew up, to West Virginia State University (where a number of generations of his family have studied), to Morehouse School of Medicine as part of an ROTC program to building his plastic surgery and aesthetics practice. 

 Dr. Dickerson shares why it was important to study at an HBCU and how it prepared him for his career as a doctor. He also shares one of the biggest lessons he learned in the Army, which he describes as the biggest corporation in the world. That is, to know the value of your "ships" aka your relationships and leadership. Dr. Dickerson says both are essential to his success since he started his practice after a career in the army as an ENT surgeon. 

Dr. Dickerson shares the difference between treating Caucasians and a broad spectrum of patients with skin of color. He breaks down the Fitzpatrick scale in flavors of ice cream and points out that he works with all flavors and shapes. He also explains why it is not just the skin's appearance that factors into Fitzpatrick ratings, but how skin reacts to treatments and environmental factors. He touches on the power of melanin and explains why "Black don't crack" is not the whole story.

He notes that the most popular nonsurgical procedure requested by women of color is wrinkle relaxers and fillers and teaches listeners not only to understand how and where they should be used. And he talks about the importance of instilling confidence as one of the most important parts of his work.

Hear about that and more on this episode of Start Right.