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Start Right Here Podcast

Dec 9, 2021

Keren Davy, Senior Manager, Clinical and Luxe Skincare at Sephora has beauty in her DNA, she was raised in her mother's hair salon. First had tea parties, later got to work, and eventually obtained her cosmetology license, yet it was a challenge for her to land her first corporate beauty role. So in this episode, Keren and I explore whether there is such a thing as the "right" school when it comes to getting a job at a big beauty brand. And if that is indeed true, what do you do when you don't fit the criteria?

Keren talks candidly about how a lack of knowledge about internships may have hindered her. But the reality is, although Keren was a scholarship student, she had to work, so she made money in two ways: as a bank teller, and putting her cosmetology license to work. She landed a marketing internship during her senior year and she explains how she turned that internship into a full-time job offer after graduation. 

Even with marketing experience, however, beauty brands still weren't interested in her. So Keren returned to school for an MBA. There she got her first taste of skincare, leading a team working on a project for Kiehl's.

But her first position at Johnson & Johnson was working on the Band-Aid and Neosporin brands. But even when she wasn't I'm a beauty role, Keren made her beauty expertise known to her colleagues and was hand-picked for a role in brand management at Aveeno. She shares how she continued to uplevel her skills and the importance of stretch assignments. After being laid off from her role at Aveeno, Keren started a consulting firm with client recommendations from her former colleagues.

For her current role at Sephora, Keren made the decision to move to West Coast. Acclimating to her new role and a new home. Keren shares how important giving herself grace in times of change. She also shares the importance of faith in her career journey. It sustained her as she encountered rejection and disappointment and fueled her as she forged forward, blazing her career path. 

In our Starting Five section, Keren shares some valuable tips on blazing a career in marketing, even if you are an outsider.