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Start Right Here Podcast

Dec 2, 2021

Stay tuned for a 2-part Master Class on having a stellar beauty career. In this episode, I am joined by Kim-Van Dang, the former beauty director of In Style, who talks to me about her impressive editorial career and how it led to her becoming a serial entrepreneur. I call her the CEO of many things, and you'll find out why.

In this first episode, Kim shares her love of magazines and her determination to land a summer job at a publication. After being turned down for several positions, she landed a job at the LA Bureau of WWD/W. She shares how she made herself an invaluable team member and found opportunities to expand her role. After graduating college, she landed a job at the Orange County Register. Kim talks about how learning to be a hard news reporter added to her skills toolkit.

She shares how the Fairchild Publication job that didn't pan out resulted in her pivot to beauty at WWD. Learn how her job there led to stints at Good Housekeeping and In Style. 

And she'll share how fragrance has been an essential throughline in her life, starting with that first bottle of Jean Naté. And one of her new favorites, Strange Love perfumes' Fall into Stars. 

In part 2, you'll learn about her pivot into entrepreneurship and the three amazing businesses she is running.  Preview her companies here:

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