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Start Right Here! Podcast

Apr 22, 2021

Miki Wright, a salon coach and founder of the "Beauty Superstars Talk" podcast, says that working in the beauty industry was her destiny. But that doesn't mean that her path has been easy. Miki packed her worldly possessions into her car and drove from Houston to Washington, DC, determined to start her beauty career. She landed her first job asking women whose hair she admired where they got it done and tracked down that salon. When she was offered a chair in that salon, she happily accepted but found out quickly that it may have been premature since she didn't have any customers. Because she needed to pay her bills, she thought about the opportunity differently--working in the salon in the evenings and on weekends until she could afford to leave her full-time position. 

Miki then built and sold two hair salon businesses while living in the DC area. The first where hair was the focus, the second was the first day spa owned by a Black woman, which won multiple awards. But the stress she was under was antithetical to the message she was offering her customers. 

Miki took a break from the business before taking several corporate positions at Ulta. And after she stopped doing hair, an award from Bronner Brothers made her reconsider the decision. But this time around, Miki is coaching those who work directly with clients to do business better. 

However, the death of George and the subsequent social justice reckoning caused her to consider how to make a difference. She noticed that the work of Black creatives in the hair industry was going unnoticed and set out to tell their stories via her podcast. She has interviewed legends as well as talented up-and-coming beauty professionals. Her hope is not just to highlight the greatness within our community when it comes to beauty but to document our history and business success so that the next generation doesn't need to reinvent the wheel.